Wales Starnet Group 101

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Wales Starnet Group 101

Post by MW0RUH on Fri Mar 23, 2012 1:17 am

South Wales region now has it's own Starnet digital group 101, I have formed two groups STN101 A and STN101 B

To log into a group just replace CQCQCQ with STN101 A or B and key up you will then be logged into the group, now this is the clever bit, if another group user logs in the same way, you will have direct access to each other, wherever you are (network permitting).
Let me try to explaiin how it works: If you select GB7CD as your repeater and key up with the STN group and I select one of the simplex nodes and do the same we are both logged into the group, however we can now be linked to each other regardless of how each node is connected to the network. GB7CD can be unlinked, MB6BA for example can also be unlinked, yet if we are logged into our group we can still speak via unconnected nodes.
Now lets say you are mobile, you come to the end of the range of GB7CD and within range of GB7RB a quick ptt on GB7RB and the group will now be available to you on RB instead of CD and you will no longer be looked for on CD, the traffic will pass to RB instead until you PTT somewhere else on the network.
This can operate worldwide the only requirement fo it to work is for the repeater to have the IRCDDB software installed, so if you local node does not have IRCDDB installed ask the keeper why not, it is approved by the US Trust and poses no problems as an add-on to the icom software.

By the way to log off just type STN001 T and you will no longer get any messages to the group. the group will hold onto your command for a predetermined time usually 300 minutes (5 hours from the last keyup).before automatically logging you out.

Any number of Hams can join the group and any traffic for the group will pass to all logged in users, no special registration is required for the end user just subscribe by putting STN101 plus the choice of either A or B and key up, local users can hold a net using STN101 if they wish and target all members directly with this feature.
Clubs can register their own STN groups for their members, but need to ensure a terminal for the group is registered just like call sign registration and that the STN Group number chosen does not already exist.
Contact me for more help if you require it.
All our simplex nodes have the ability to host STN groups across the region.



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