Greetings from MW1EOR

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Greetings from MW1EOR

Post by MW1EOR on Mon Nov 21, 2011 10:20 am

Hi All,

Managed to make the jump to DSTAR. with the thanks to Dave and Steve after their great introduction at County Hall.

Will hopefully be on the repeater on the way to work in the mornings and then at home connected to my DVAP dongle.

Starting to get active on HF again thanks to the enthusiasm of the Amaricans on Check them out on youtube they doa monthly program on amatuer radio. Also a weekly program called Ham Nation with the famous Bob Heil. If you have been having any doubts about amatuer radio or thinking of chucking it in, get on to these guys and I hope they can turn you around. Amatuer radio is alive and well and is here to stay. Get on that Dstar train and follow it to the end. It's not the future, it's here and now and i'm on it.

One thing I miss is a good old chin wag, so dont be shy and give me a shout.



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