D-Rats Set up

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D-Rats Set up

Post by MW0RUH on Fri May 29, 2009 9:29 am

Having tested a number of D-Star Data packages, D-rats is becoming my favourite.

It's features are fantastic with the ability to pass text, file transfer including word documents, pdf's, jpg's etc.

D-rats can also be used for emergency use by RAYNET, ARES etc as it has in built forms for messages and you can custom build your own forms which is neat.

As Reflector 15c is now for Data use, I will try to explain how to set it up.

After visiting the D-Rats website www.d-rats.com and downloading the software, install to your PC. (D-rats will run on Windows, Linux or Mac).

To work D-Rats you will need a data cable suitable for your Radio. a USB/ Serial converter (if your PC does not have a serial port), The Maplin's USB Serial converter has been recommended by many.

Open the Software.

You will need to enter your callsign, depending on your version of the software you maybe be prompted to do this.

In earlier versions of the software, you click the file tab then Main Settings tab (Later versions will just have a preferances tab). You will then be presented with the configuration window. If you were not prompted for your callsign it can be added here along with your Name. A click on the radio tab in this window will present you with the com port configuration. enter your com port and baud rate for the radio. This will again vary as later versions have an add button, but all versions require you to save your choices.
Close the software re-open and it should connect to D-rats and your chosen Com port.

Any issues post here or mail me via the forums and I will attempt to address with you. If all is working catch you via Data on D-Star some time. Have Fun.



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