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Post by MW0RUH on Mon Jan 12, 2009 5:59 pm

In this day of modern internet linking technologies and the ability for all licence levels to access Echolink IRLP and now D Star regenerative nodes, do you think it is time for the regulatory authorities to relax the rules on licencees travelling abroad when it comes to 2Metre and 70cm operating.
Let's face it a 5W handheld is unlikely to cause undue interference whilst working a local repeater. as it is now an operator can access Echolink IRLP and D-Star networks via the appropriate hardware and software from these locations abroad, but with the added cost of sometimes very steep Mobile broadband charges.
I think the technology has overtaken the speed in which the regulatory authorities are able to act and as a Result amateurs are left behind, waiting for everything else to catch up.

Am I right or wrong, look forward to some healthy debate on this and await my being shot at dawn!!!!



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